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25.04.2017 18:00Uhr  - 19:30Uhr | Berlin

Global Usage and Discovery Trends in Scholarly Information

Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftlichen Kolloquiums (BBK)

"Timon Oefelein, Team Leader Account Development Europe, Springer Nature

With over 2 million peer-reviewed scholarly articles published each year, the annual global output of electronic Science, Technical, and Medical content is truly staggering. But what are the current main global usage drivers and what are publishers doing to maximize the discovery of their electronic content? This presentation draws on current usage data (number of visits and COUNTER compliant downloads) from Springer Nature and briefly summarizes some of the main measures undertaken by that publisher to optimize discovery of its content. Topics covered include: global usage patterns, overview of main sources of traffic (search engines, library technology, social media, repositories, etc), Search Engine Optimization, and a short outline of some of the new innovation-based discovery services (based on open linked data) developed by Springer Nature. This talk is ideally suited for a broad range of information professionals who are interested in scholarly information, discoverability trends and the publisher perspective."

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