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11.07.2017 18:00Uhr  - 19:30Uhr | Berlin

Field Report: Library Information Architecture in the Age of the Customer

Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftlichen Kolloquiums (BBK)

"Johannes Neuer, New York Public Library

Libraries now operate in a competitive environment and have to deliver services that better match customer expectations (Hernon and Altman, 2010) and digital service quality expectations of information users continue to grow (The British Library, 2015).

Johannes Neuer will report on initial findings of his ethnographic study that is trying to establish whether the next-generation library services platform, as currently conceived, remains a useful conceptual framework and anchor information technology system as The New York Public Library is working toward improving the customer experience in the physical and digital space, investing in digitization and electronic resources, meeting the evolving needs of its communities, and greatly expanding its service portfolios."

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