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26.10.2017 - 28.10.2017 | Neu-Delhi, Indien

Expanding Digital Footprints: Role of Libraries & Information Centres

2nd International Conference of Asian Libraries

"The overall purpose of conference is to examine as to whether libraries can reposition themselves as nerve centres of E-Governance & Digitisation programmes towards building capacities of common masses so as to partner with public policy programme for building an inclusive and equal society. Conference proposes to explore libraries as a broad foundation for interaction with information and information management in a digital world in furtherance of the global digital vision of building an inclusive and transparent society.
Libraries can play a key role in achieving the Digital India like objectives, both by providing intellectual and social spaces and as access points. Further, libraries can sensitise the user community about the appropriate use of information through training, research and capacity building programmes. The focus of conference would be to leverage libraries towards building a just, inclusive and equal society through e-governance. While ICT has the ability to bring dramatic changes and transform government institutions, conference proposes to upfront the issue of Libraries with a focus that supports not only information seeking and discovery but also community interaction and collaboration."

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