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30.04.2017 - 05.05.2017 | Montreal, Kanada

MetLib 2017

Partnerships: Creating a new vision for libraries

"In keeping with their goal to democratize knowledge, and in line with current collaborative trends, public libraries are increasingly turning to a partnership model to meet user needs, both for day-to-day tasks and for project planning and management.

The MetLib 2017 Montréal program entitled Partnerships: Creating a new vision for libraries will delve deeper into the different aspects of partnerships by exploring the following sub-themes:

  • What is a partnership; why and how should they be formed; 
  • Types of partnership: philanthropy, round tables, etc.;
  • Partnership management tools, such as operational frameworks, policies, guidelines and regulations;
  • Partnership pros and cons;
  • Best practices, success stories and learning opportunities;
  • Surprising and innovative intersectoral partnerships between: government departments, associations, cultural organizations, the scientific community, schools, professional associations, etc."

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